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with the option to become a kundalini yoga teacher?

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The Soul Explorer Teacher Training is a two-year course taking as its foundation the understanding that teaching yoga is an aspect of the life path of the Yogi

The first year’s training is focused on the student’s own practice of yoga, meditation and self-exploration. The second year is focused on the craft of teaching

The Soul Explorer teacher training

Each training group is made up of no more than five students, who meet up once a month. Each meeting covers a specific subject module, and students are given a corresponding practice of kriya and meditation with appropriate accompanying tasks of research and study which they undertake in the intervening time. Study involves regular individual updates via email, by phone or in person, with group feedback at the next meeting. Students who are interested in learning about the yogic teachings and pursuing a course of self-discovery but do not wish to become a teacher may choose to take Year 1 of the two-year Soul Explorer Teacher Training as a standalone option, but only students who also complete Year 2 will be certified by Soul Explorer as teachers.


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